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Why did we start Cllaro?

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Our mission

Empowering Latinos through many avenues.

CLLARO’s mission is to empower Latinos through leadership development, advocacy and policy research to strengthen Colorado. CLLARO’s vision for the future is a State of Colorado where Latinos achieve their fullest potential.

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Colorado’s Latino community faces pressing civil and socioeconomic issues: the Latino achievement and wage gap, educational challenges, inadequate political representation, rising inflation and economic challenges, and more.

To me there is no difference between the Latino immigrant of yesterday and the sixth generation Latino of today. We all aspire and should have the same opportunities as the rest of our fellow residents, and the future of CLLARO is promising.

The future of CLLARO is one where we proactively engage in partnerships with our communities and universities to again invest in high-quality research and policies, working alongside elected leaders and institutions to build a new agenda for Latino prosperity.

The future of CLLARO is one where we actively work towards the hiring and election of Latinos in leadership positions, and proactively identify opportunities for our state’s institutions to diversify and embrace fresh perspectives.

The future of CLLARO is bright, and we are looking to our history and our beginnings as LARASA to guide us.

Colorado’s Latino community is viably self-sufficient, yet with increased funding and representation, there are no limits to what we can collectively achieve.

CLLARO is dedicated to tirelessly advocating for our community. Thank you for your support!


Mario Carrera
Mario M. Carrera