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Capitol Fellowship Program | CFP

The CLLARO Capitol Fellowship Program provides public policy training to college students--typically the first in their families to attend college--and places them in paid internships with state legislators and other public officials and policy advocates during the Colorado legislative session.


Applications for the 2023 cohort are available at Rolling admissions will go from Friday, June 3rd through Sunday, October 9th at 11:59PM. Apply today! Questions? Contact 

Parent Advocacy for local schools | PALS

The CLLARO PALS program trains low-income minority parents to help improve education resources and outcomes for their children who attend under-resourced public schools.

Community Access Research and Engagement Program | CARE

The CARE program is on a mission of tackling the social isolation of older adults and other problems involving social determinants of health. The program improves the overall health, wellbeing, and safety of our 50+ community and caregivers by strengthening leadership, policy advocacy skills and connecting them with service providers and resources that will enlighten their knowledge and improve their health/wellbeing.

For more information, contact

Oral Health Care Equity Coalition

The CLLARO Diverse Oral Health Equity Coalition program brings minority community organizations, oral health care providers, and public health agencies together to promote oral health education and prevention in minority communities and improve low-income family access to oral health care services.

Legislative Advocacy

CLLARO engages in non-partisan public policy research and advocacy.  We are represented at the Colorado General Assembly by a professional lobbyist.

Latino Civic Engagement

 CLLARO encourages Latino U.S. citizens to register and vote.  In 2020, for example, CLLARO conducted voter registration drives and GOTV campaigns in Adams, Denver, and Pueblo counties.  

The U.S. Census has a long history of under-counting Latinos in Colorado.  In 2020, CLLARO used grassroots relational organizing methods and a social media campaigns to target Latinos residing in “hard to count” census tracts, to increase participation in the decennial U.S. Census.  

New civic engagement projects include legislative redistricting and the Latino Action Council a cooperative advocacy network of Latino organizations across the state.

Resource Navigation Program

CLLARO expanded its services during the COVID-19 pandemic to help Latino individuals and families get tested and vaccinated, find affordable health care, and receive assistance with a wide range of problems related to the pandemic’s disproportionately large economic impacts on Latinos. The program is an innovative culturally competent and bilingual outreach, referral, and assistance program aiding some of the most vulnerable and underserved Latinos in Colorado.  

For more information and assistance, contact or call (720) 452-2641

Directory of Colorado Latino Organizations

A new free online directory of Colorado Latino organizations and voluntary community associations.

You can now download the Colorado Latino Organizations Directory

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