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ViVe Wellness

ViVe Wellness

Latino Organization

ViVe’s Mission is building wellness for low income families through healthy living education and physical while fostering social and emotional health. Our primary purpose is to give underserved youth and their families the opportunity to engage in healthy living through various programs created by the community such as -Aprende a Nadar ( Learn ti Swim) - Youth workforce ( teen and adults job readiness and placement in the areas of aquatic , fitness and outdoor recreation ) - Mindfulness classes and well as Youth -Mental Health First aid classes. - Nature hike, Nature trips - community Events such as Caminando con tu comunidad , El Reto obstacle course , El Chapuzon swim meets , Flotando en el Rio - Rafting.

La misión de ViVe es fomentar el bienestar de las familias de bajos ingresos a través de una educación física y para una vida saludable, al tiempo que fomenta la salud social y emocional. Nuestro propósito principal es brindarles a los jóvenes desfavorecidos y a sus familias la oportunidad de participar en una vida saludable a través de varios programas creados por la comunidad, tales como -Aprende a Nadar (Learn ti Swim) - Fuerza laboral juvenil

Contact person:
Yoli G.
Phone Number:
(720) 377-8019
Mailing Address:
PO Box 11003, Denver CO 80211
Executive Director
Yoli G. Casas
Phone Number:
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Education Support
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More about the organization:

Our clases are taught in Spanish and English to offer linguistic and culturally diversity

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