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Sign the pledge to vote this election - Let's break a record for voter turnout!

Election Day 2021

is fast approaching.

Oct. 8

Ballots are Mailed

Nov. 2


We are encouraging the Latino community to vote for a school board that supports Latino students.

Sign our pledge to turn in your ballots for the DPS School Board election on November 2, 2021!

Sign our pledge to vote in this November's DPS School Board election:
Keep Me Informed

Latino students comprise almost 52% of Denver Public Schools, but only ONE seat on the school board.
Scroll over the images below to find out why this matters.


High School graduation rates for Latino students have been declining in Denver for the last four years.


It’s time to vote for a School Board that prioritizes Latino and Latina students.


More than 75% of all eligible Latinos don’t actually vote in Denver elections. This is why it’s important we show up for Latino students this fall.

Reading a Book

DPS has failed to adequately update bilingual education resources for the over 30% of non-native English speaking students in the district.


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