Sarah Wochele

University Denver Graduate Intern

Sarah was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She moved to Colorado in August 2020 with her partner and her two cats, to start her journey in graduate school at the University of Denver. She is a first generation college student.


Sarah enrolled in community college at the age of 25, after a decade in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, working in salons, retail stores, and for herself as a freelancer. After receiving her associates in psychology from Montgomery County Community College, Sarah transferred with a full scholarship to Bucknell University, where she continued her studies in psychology.


In her last year of undergrad, Sarah realized she wanted to pursue social work, as she found herself deeply engaged in local social and environmental justice activism, as the hub coordinator for Green New Deal Lewisburg. Before heading to graduate school, she pursued two terms of AmeriCorps where she worked at her local community garden on food justice issues, as the garden’s Outreach and Education Coordinator. During this time, she took two post-baccalaureate courses at Bucknell University on issues related to racial and environmental history and justice, which inspired her to also pursue a degree in International Human Rights. Sarah also organizes book clubs around social justice themes and over the summer, community political education circles.


Currently, Sarah is completing two masters degrees: social work and international human rights. She is CLLARO’s intern for the 2020-2021 school year, she is an environmental justice research assistant, and she works part time in retail. Going forward, she hopes to continue learning to speak more Spanish, as to better learn from and work alongside of spanish-speaking Latinx communities, specifically related to issues of immigration and environmental exploitation. Sarah also hopes to continue challenging the field of social work to really live up to its values, as well as continue to be honest about the historical harm it has caused.