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Mailing Address /Dirección Postal

PO Box 17932

Denver, CO 80217-0932


The LARASA Directory of Hispanic Organizations is Back!

In decades past, the Latin American Research and Service Agency published the most comprehensive directory of Hispanic organizations in the State of Colorado.  Now that LARASA has become CLLARO, we are researching a new directory for the 21st century, to be published in print and online in the next few months.  

Does your agency, nonprofit, or grassroots organization serve and help empower Latinos in Colorado communities?  Are you ready to be listed in the new directory, to tell the world (including potential members, clients, funders, and other organizations) about your good work?  You may list your qualified organization at no charge. 


Help Us Build the CLLARO Directory!   ¡Ayudenos A Construir el Directorio de CLLARO!  

Do you know of an organization that serves Colorado’s Hispanic/Latino population? If so, you can invite them to participate in our free directory.  Please send them this link:  


¿Conoces una organización que sirve a la población hispana / latina de Colorado? Si es así, invítelos a participar en nuestro directorio gratuito en

New Latino Public Policy Network!  

This growing new network helps Latino organizations in Colorado
• Find partners who support their policy and legislative goals,
• Obtain research reports, summaries, analyses, and fact sheets on policy issues affecting Latino communities, and
• Build coalitions and collaborate with other organizations.

CLLARO will provide training and information to network members concerning advocacy and lobbying by IRC §501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, upon request. 

Three categories of Network membership are available. To join, contact, (303) 722-5150 ext. 110, or P.O. Box 17932, Denver, CO 80217

What Does Colorado Need to Know about Latinos?

Our policy research/civic engagement team works to address social and policy challenges by advancing scholarly research that emphasizes outcomes for the Latino community.  What does your community need to know about Latinos in Colorado?  Contact us with your ideas and requests for new, evidenced-based studies that can help empower Colorado's growing Latino communities. 


The following video (below) lists examples of questions raised by U.S. Census data on civic engagement among  Latinos in Colorado for which CLLARO is now seeking research funds.  What other strategic research questions would you like CLLARO to address? 


If you are already conducting research on Colorado Latinos  for publication in a peer-reviewed professional or scholarly publication, would you like CLLARO to help disseminate plain-language summaries of your findings, conclusions, and policy implications through our Latino Public Policy Network?  Please let us know!      


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