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Eviction Emergency Protections

May 1: News from Colorado Politics

by Marianne Goodland, Colorado Politics

Gov. Jared Polis, in a Friday "virtual" news conference held at his home, clarified some of the confusion around executive orders on evictions and foreclosures. . . .  

Polis has previously said that he did not have the authority to ban evictions or foreclosures, but an executive order issued yesterday said otherwise. Polis explained that the lawyers had found "stronger language" on the issue. In addition, he explained that the court system right now is dealing only with criminal cases and civil matters are on hold. "Courts are prioritizing necessary criminal work."

Renters still need to pay their rent, Polis said. If they don't pay it in April or May, they will have to pay it in June. Civil matters like evictions are just delayed and will resume in June, he said. . . .  

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