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David Martinez

Program Manager & Community Organizer

David Martinez grew up on the Westside of Denver. David grew up attending Denver Public Schools and graduated from Colorado State University with a political science degree. The field allowed for David to observe and analyze the various institutions within society, and the role they played in perpetuating the inequities that exist within Latino communities. He interned at the Colorado General Assembly for Representative. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez. Tackling the school to prison pipeline was of high priority for Rep.Gonzales-Gutierrez. David has also previously worked for the Colorado Public Defenders office. Another opportunity to observe and analyze an oppressive system where the consequences are racially disproportionate. 


David currently serves as the Program Manager of the Latino Action Council. The collaboration of all Latinos is necessary for any substantive and progressive change to occur. “¡La unión hace la fuerza!”

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